Brow Specialist using the TrueBrow™ System

Brow Specialist – TrueBrow™

Brow Specialist who trained with the TrueBrow™ System are specialists learning the process of restoring

brows to their fullest potential. NATURALLY . You will be amazed at the possibilities, using your very

own brows, regardless of the state they are currently in. TrueBrow™ specialists are using cutting edge technology

and principles, no tattoos, no tricks, serums, wigs, extensions or permanent make-up.  Everyone are amazed with the

results achieved, using what nature gave you.

Brow Secrets® International hand picked Michal Gabriel, in 2015 to learn and practice the TrueBrow™ System and

become a TrueBrow™ licensed salon. Brow Secrets® International is an elite group of therapists, trained in the

highest level of eyebrow training in the world. for brow restoration and design. It is very exciting to be affiliated with

this incredible company and what it will mean for your brows! Brow Secrets International, are the highest level of

natural brow design and restoration in the world. They are known as the world’s number 1 leading brow training

organization, pioneering the original TrueBrow System.

Women around the world are amazed at the work of the brow specialists that come out of this training. You can visit

the TrueBrow website to take a look for yourself and learn more about this fantastic brand.

To experience the TrueBrow System, we are providing a Complementary Initial Brow consultation / Brow Discovery

session. Book your complimentary Initial Client Consultation to see what is truly possible for your brows.

We can’t wait to see you! Book your initial consultation with us today to see if what are your brow’s true potential.

Brow Specialist – Michal Gabriel, and Brows

Brow Specialist – Michal Gabriel, is a professional beauty therapist dedicating most of her time learning

about eyebrows. In the past, she experienced challenges with her own eyebrows (including 5 scars).  As a young

woman it was impossibly finding a brow specialist that can listen to the wants and needs with her brows.

The next solution was makeup, filling the eyebrows with makeup so the gaps and scars wont be visible. Founding the brow pencil was magic, finally having full set of eyebrows! By trying brow products since year 9, today she say that the TrueBrow collection is one she likes the most. It lasts all day, applying it is easy and most of all the look is natural!   With all this in mind no wonder Michal has a good understanding why is is challenging, frustrating and important to find a therapist or specialist who takes your brows seriously.

clients allowing her to look at their brows, are amazed at the advise and knowledge Michal is showing. she is showing them the true potential of their eyebrows.

Your eyebrows will thank you, just click here to book your free consultation today.

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