My Brows are not leveled


My brows are’t leveled

Brows – when they un-leveled. Such a common brow’s issue… some genius came up with the phrase ‘eyebrows are sisters not twins”, that is so true I can confidently say that every second client I see has uneven eyebrows. Most of the time our right side and left side of our body is a-symmetric anyway.

So, hey! Isn’t it our job to fix un-even brows? There is a reason we dedicate our time to learn about eyebrows all the time, we never stop training, in fact to be part of the TrueBrow™ brand we must participate in at least one class a week. Yes, we never stop learning about eyebrows.  It is not a joke when we say, “we make brows contact before we make eye contact”.  TrueBrow™ is the highest level of brow training in the world. We learn the TrueBrow™ system techniques and principals. We have the tools and knowledge on how to level eyebrows and do our very best to level them. Yes, it is our job as brow’s specialist to even eyebrows and do the best we can to make them look like twins.

Come to discuss it with us in our free eyebrow consultation.

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Michal Gabriel and Brows

Michal Gabriel is a professional beauty therapist that decided to dedicate most of her time to learn about eyebrows. As an individual she experienced challenges with her own eyebrows (including 6 scars on her eyebrows). Then it was hard to find a brow specialist that listen to her wants and needs with her brows. She had to fill them in since she was in early high school and it was a long time ago, so there a lot of experience there. With all this in mind she understands how challenging and frustrating it could be to find someone that take your brows seriously. If you would allow her to look at your brows, she will advise you what is the true potential of your eyebrows. click here to book your free consultation today.


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