Eye makeup?

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How to apply eye makeup?

Eye makeup, we are flooded with social media! Makeup videos and makeup tutorials to show us how to apply makeup. Especially eyeshadows and eyeliners. After all these two can make a HUGE difference to our look. The question is – Are these eye makeup techniques suitable to me? Is u tube the best for makeup tutorial? Will this eye makeup technique suit MY eyes? Would this method make them appear smaller or closer etc.  If I’ll apply the eye shadow like they show me, would it make my eyes look the same as the model’s eyes?

Well, the straight answer is probably not, or not necessary. We all have different eye shape and eye size, therefore, applying eye shadows or eye make up need to be done according to your own eye shape and size. That’s it!

I am a great believer that makeup (and brows or beauty in general) are not a fashion statement it is whatever suits you! Your skin, your color,  your features AND you.


Step 1

The first step for perfect eye makeup application is to know your eye shape. Have a look at the photo below to determine what is your eye shape – that is the key for perfect eye makeup application.

Step 2

Master the correction you would like to apply, makeup correction is number 1 for a flawless makeup up presentation. once you mastered the correction points in your eyes the eye-shadows will be easy (after you learn your color match it is).  Now you can play with different colors and shades to create a different look but always stick to the correction method / methods so you would let your eyes do all the talking for you.

eye liner tutorial 

If you still find it a bit challenging, you can call us or book a makeup lesson

You can choose what you would like to learn as it is your makeup application session.

Here is a photo to help you learn your eye shape


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