Eyebrows – when you think they don’t grow

when you say your eyebrows do not grow anymore

Eyebrows – when you think they don’t grow

Eyebrows, yes those hairy bits above your eyes. Those, that can change our look and determine whether we look

constantly angry, tired, surprised, sad and so forth.  As a brow specialist, we hear it so often, in fact it is the most

common comment women say when coming to see us: “But my eyebrows don’t grow anymore”

Believe it or not, 99% of women’s eyebrows are growing! Yes, it may take time but they will. We see it all the time.

It can take up to 18 months to grow a brow to its fullest potential, in some rare cases it may take longer.

Do you know that an eyebrow, the actual hair growth-circle is between 4 – 5 months? As an eyebrow specialists,

we learnt how to work with the brow and grow it to its fullest potential in their current state. We have been tout

cutting edge techniques and principles as to how to allow them to grow to their fullest potential.

Those how allowed us to look after their eyebrows were amazed at how it is possible.

When you will allow us to look at what your brow’s potential is, we will show you how to achieve those full flowing

stunning eyebrow. We are restoring eyebrow naturally, yes –  the process is  100% natural. No serums or wigs, no

eyebrow extension, not brow tattoo we work with only what nature gave you.


Book your ‘Brow Discovery Session’  For your free eyebrow consultation.

We are Brow specialists and we are so confident in our ability to restore, transform and correct your eyebrows that

we provide a complimentary eyebrow consultation. Come in, we will have a chat about your brows and if you are

keen to continue and trust us with your brows we then can continue to your brow design or brow program. The

consultation is completely free and we absolutely love meeting new brow lovers, so pop in and say hi,

you got nothing to loose.

We proudly trained using the TrueBrow™ system, click here to learn more about it.





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