Formal Makeup

school formal makeup time.

Formal Makeup

Formal makeup is such a biggi. Most girls will get their hair styled and invest time and money finding the right dress. Well, that is probably the biggest deal -the dress! – formal dress can turn a girl to a young woman.  At the end, with a pretty dress, hair that is all done up, than they get their make up – OMG! They all look stunning! It is important on that day to draw attention to their strong features. To highlight them with the right colors to match their skin tone that would give a lady like look without erasing their natural look. Michal has been in the industry for many years and constantly attending makeup courses to keep up with the trends in this fast innovation industry.  Especially courses for Bridal Makeup and Formal Makeup.

formal makeup season

School formal can be a stressful experience leading up to the formal. It is that time of the year when majority of the girls will stress. The stress is normal but with stress there’s the joy of breakouts – NOT! If we mentioned the B word lets talk about it for a sec. Breakouts are a common issue in this age in general, it’s the hormones, physical change, general stress and anxiety.  They carry so much on their shoulders: dramas at schools, with friends or parents, physical changes, exams or assessments etc. It all shows on the face.  A good cleansing routine, especially at this time of the year can be very beneficial. Cleansing twice a day (day and night) and exfoliating twice a week can make a huge different. consult your beauty therapist which product will suit you best. If you are concerned and not sure how, why and what, please do not hesitate to contact us. We suggest contacting us as soon as possible, we do not charge for asking so please do, that would be the best way to be ready for your formal makeup. Or you can book your formal makeup application by clicking here.

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