Have you ever tried a Gommage?

For those who ask, a Gommage is an exfoliator that usually contains enzymes to do the hard work of exfoliating, so there are no granules in it.

It is gentle to the skin yet very effective. You usually let it dry and remove it with circular massage movements, creating lumps with the product – so do it over the sink to avoid the mess on the floor. Most of them are applied like a mask; some Gommages require water to activate the enzymes. Some don’t, so it is always good to read the instructions.


This Gommage is a form of a gentle peel that helps exfoliate dead cells, purify the skin, and promote skin regeneration for younger-looking skin.

It works by absorbing deeper impurities and sweeps them away. Illuminating Gomage contains

Parsley extract – ideal for clarifying and detoxifying, removing dead skin cells and preventing environmental damage.

Corn Flower Extract – great for soothing and reducing redness as it is anti-inflammatory.

Rose Petal Extract – promotes skin rejuvenation, is anti-inflammatory, protects the skin and is an excellent antioxidant.


It needs to be applied like a mask, left for 3-4 minutes and removed using circular massaging movements. Use a wet cloth to remove the remains.

It is designed to optimise the effectiveness of a revitalising treatment.

Have you used a Gommage? 🤔

If so, let us know about your experience.
If not, did I just make you want to try one? lol We have them in the salon and here is a link for it:  Illuminating Gommage

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