How to choose skincare?


  • How did you choose your current skincare?
  • Was it expansive – so it must be good?
  • Was it on special?
  • Was it gifted to you?
  • Did you see an ad that says it was good?
  • An influencer that said it worked on their skin?


Here is what we really need to consider before choosing skin care:

  • Your skin condition (yes, not so much your skin type…)
  • Your age
  • Your daily environment
  • Your diet
  • And your lifestyle


Here are some tips to make it easier for you to care for your skin and use and choose skin care that will work for you and benefit YOUR skin:

  • Place your skincare somewhere you see – As we are creatures of habits, placing the skincare in a place where you can see, will help with creating this habit. Once a habit, you would not need to worry about it.
  • If your skincare has been in the cupboard for a while, check the date. Usually once opened it will only be good for 9 – 12 months.
  • What is your skin condition? When choosing skincare, our skin condition is what needs to be treated to balance the skin. Choose it wisely as the wrong one can create skin conditions.
  • Ingredients to avoid or to look for – Skincare needs to be tailored as we all have different skin concerns, skin conditions and skin types. The brand I have chosen to use in the salon has 11 different ranges! It is not just oily, dry or combination. there is so much more to it. But really, if you have your skin looked at, by a professional they will guide you at what ingredients you need to look at and which ones to avoid. You are so welcome to come for a chat about your skin.
  • Ideally, you want to cleanse your skin twice a day 2 x at night and once in the morning (night being the most important one!)
  • The cleanser is the most important skincare. Your skin needs to feel comfortable after a cleanse. If it feels squeaky clean, too much oil has been stripped from your skin.
  • Exfoliate – needs to be gentle and only use 1 max 2 times a week.
  • For any questions schedule a chat with us, it is free!
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