Brow tattooing, brow feathering or natural eyebrow?

Microblading?, Tattooing? Feathering or Natural eyebrow?

I get asked a lot: Should I tattoo my eyebrows? or Should I get brow feathering? Should I just have my natural brows? 

“I will refer to tattooing but it is including all ink treatments like microblading, feathering, and powdering ombre – they are all a form of tattooing. “

Here are my thoughts:

I would like to start by stating that I love how the world is evolving and there are lots of solutions out there that meet our needs quick and easy. I truly believe we are heading towards better eyebrows solutions but the perfect solution is not quite here yet. I believe some of the ink treatments are great solutions for some, but certainly not for all. I love the idea of natural soft eyebrows, harsh brows can take the softness/feminine out of a woman.  

The colour will fade

Brow tattooing or feathering can result in nice brows. I truly agree with it, it will look very nice for the first 6 months or so, but then it can lead to other unpleasant experiences. The most common are fading of the colour which can be fixed with a ‘touch up’. The problem is, no one (No One!) can guarantee how your skin will react and what colour it ends up fading to.

It will be more than likely be patchy

Most of my clients that had it done before are ending up with grey brows, blue brows, and orange brows and they are all patchy. Yes, always patchy (have a close look I promise it doesn’t fade the same or evenly).

It can damage the hair follicle on your brows

Let’s say you don’t really mind going for touch-ups for the rest of your life. Have you considered the damage to your skin? Have you seen or experienced a cut on a cut on a cut on the same small spot on your body? That can easily create a keloid scar (a raised scar). 

You will have to go for touch-ups forever

What about the damage to your hair follicle? If we could choose I am positive you would’ve loved to lose hair in some areas of your body, but I am pretty positive that you would not like to lose hair on your eyebrows. Right?

I heard a brow feathering lady once say – feathering can encourage hair growth… mm have you ever seen hair grow on normal tattoos or scars?  I would leave it to you to consider (not a very good selling point I’d say).

A regular tint and wax are still required

Now let’s say you don’t care, as long as your brows are on point and you have the best eyebrow design ever! Did you know, you would still need to come regularly for a tint and a wax? Yes, I know some think they will save money by semi-permanent brows but in fact, you don’t really.

Talking about semi-permanent, as a brow specialist I see a lot of clients that had their brows done and can not get rid of the pigment. It is after all SEMI-PERMANENT, just think about this combination of words for a sec. it is not only partial permanent, that is from my experience, equal PATCHY.

There are some brows ‘technicians’ that finished their course in a few days

Now let’s talk about the shape.. oh, the shape! I have to say, there is a lot of great brow artist that is creating a great design, but there are also a lot that doesn’t! Just yesterday I had a client that had her eyebrows feathered, not just that she had a (permanent) grey tint on her brows, but they were uneven! Luckily, I have seen it before and I knew what to do. But trust me is not worth it.

How about going natural? Is that an old fashion thino? How about investing the time you would lay there (and get tortured for 3 hours) and put it into learning a new skill? Learn how to create brows with make-up? Once you got it, it will take you a minute max 2 to do it every morning. If you are not sure and don’t know how to do it, book a workshop to learn how. I am not sure if you know but with every TrueBrow™ collection purchased in our salon, we give a free application workshop.

I always say- DON’T LISTEN TO ME, TALK TO SOMEONE WHO HAD IT DONE 5 YEARS AGO. They will be the best ones to take advice from 😊.

We can help you with your eyebrows in a natural way, come for a chat, no obligation and we will let you know if we can help you or not. You can either call us or book your consultation here.

Brow tattooing / featuring – Yay or Nay In a nutshell:

  • The colour will fad
  • It will be more than likely be patchy
  • It can damage the hair follicle on your brows
  • You will have to go for touch-ups forever
  • A regular tint and wax are still required
  • There are some brows ‘technicians’ that finished their course in a few days
  • Ther is a natural solution for everyone. 
  • Once you have a world-class eyebrow design, it is easy to maintain the BEST BROW you ever had. 
  • We offer an obligation-free brow consultation. Click here to it book now


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