Thick eyebrows?

How I Transformed My thick eyebrows in a Single Evening

What a client with THICK EYEBROWS had to say about her TrueBrow experience:

“If you are like me and have thick, wild brows, well I have news for you. Good news! People used to comment on my brows all the time with “you’re so lucky you have thick brows!” I’m not sure what they saw, but when I looked in the mirror all I saw was a pair of gorillas straight out of The Jungle Book… Wild, un-tamable, all-over-the-place and yes, thick brows.

I know, I know, thick brows are the “in-thing”, but no one understands what it’s like daily, wearing these directionless, curly, out-of-control brows. No one until I met Kristyl from Kristyl Beauty, a TrueBrow specialist.

I saw a post on Instagram

that had a “before and after” picture of a lady’s brows that were similar to mine, except not as vicious looking, but enough to make me stop and stare. I would dare say, it was like taking a pair of gorillas and transforming them into human supermodels! Insane, I know. I read the hashtag TrueBrow Specialist, something I have never heard before, so I had to investigate. I looked up and found Kristyl Beauty was very close to me!
Kristyl was amazing! I did a TrueBrow Discovery Session and she was able to work on my brows the same day! When she showed me my brows after she was done.. I nearly broke into tears. I looked like a woman again! But it didn’t end there. It got better! Kristyl then showed me how to use the TrueBrow Collection which turned my now new pair of models, into supermodels!

Needless to say, the tears were now fully flowing at this point from the happiness within.
I have to say, the professionalism and education I got on my disruptive brows was far superior than I ever imagined. Never have I gone anywhere to get my brows done, did anyone, firstly, know how to deal with my gorillas and secondly, take the time to explain to me the importance of consistent maintenance to keep me from returning to “the jungle”.


instead of people commenting on how thick my brows are, I get “oh wow! You are so blessed to have such beautiful brows!”  And it only took me a single evening.
Signed, a forever client.”

You can have WOW BROWS too

TrueBrow specialists are now in high demand all over the world. Not because it is a trend, because it is the only way to save the natural brows. Click here to contact Michal from MICHAL GABRIEL BEAUTY AND BROW. You can start with a free brow discovery session, where you will talk about your eyebrows and see what their true potential is. Than you can decide if you would like to go ahead with your design.

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