Why do I need to clean my face twice?

Why do I need to clean my face twice? 


Great question! Yes, I know.. why do we need to clean our face twice?

It is indeed necessary. Cleansing twice will give you better results with your skin care as the following products will penetrate better. The first cleanse will clean the makeup, dirt, oil build-up, pollution, etc. The second will clean the skin.
The thing is, when you are cleansing your skin correctly, you are giving it the best it needs after. If your skin is not clean properly, the products you are using subsequently cannot penetrate the skin and cannot do what they are designed to do as they will just ‘sit’ on the skin. If you use a serum or a moisturiser after, I am guessing you would like it to work, and you would like to see results.

If you are using makeup during the day, use a makeup remover first to clean it better – that will be your first cleanser – this way, you are not “wasting” your cleanser. The second cleanser will give your skin what it needs.

If you are not sure you’re using the right cleanser or it’s time to change it due to a change of seasons, please bring it up in your next appointment and discuss it then.

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